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The leading company focused on natural healthcare delivered to you, Los Angeles Mobile Acupuncture is recognized as the authoritative source for concierge care, wellness programs, and healthcare information. Through our wide array of providers and services, you can tap into an unmatched quality of healthcare at your convenience.

Los Angeles Mobile Acupuncture’s coverage of the Greater Los Angeles, natural healthcare services, and information help you get the most out of your time and dollar. We offer you customized treatments and health plans as well as access to our informative natural healthcare via patient interaction, our blog and newsletters.

Our readers are well-educated, influential buyers in their professions and households. Our brands and our services provide them with the information they need to make important medical decisions.

To our patients, we deliver access to healthcare in whatever environment necessary to help you reach your health and wellness goals throughout the Greater Los Angeles and some surrounding areas. To our readers, we provide thought-provoking news, information and clinically based content relevant to individual health. In both endeavors, we distinguish ourselves as the premier concierge acupuncture and oriental medicine group.



We feel good when you feel good. Giving the best care requires the best people. We think that the best people will be drawn to the opportunity to work with patients that need or want to feel good. We build our group around that belief. These two parts of our mission reinforce each other and make our group both caring and compassionate.

We are a values-driven organization. For us this means to always:

Put Your interest ahead of our own
This means we deliver more value than expected. It doesn’t mean doing whatever you ask. We want you to feel better faster and with longer lasting results.

Behave as professionals
Uphold absolute integrity. Show respect to local custom and culture, as long as we don’t compromise our integrity.

Keep your information confidential
We don’t reveal your information without your permission (HIPPA compliant). We don’t promote our own good work although we appreciate your reviews. Our focus is on improving your.

Tell the truth as we see it
We stay independent and able to disagree, regardless of the popularity of our views or their effect on our fees. We have the courage to invent and champion unconventional solutions to your health and wellness goals. We do this to help build your support, get to the cause of your suffering, and reach practical plan for your road to a better quality of life.

• Deliver the best of our skills and services to every person wherever we can
We expect our people to treat you the way they would want to be treated, as a unique individual. We operate as one clinic. We maintain consistently high standards for service and people so that we can always bring the best team of minds from around the world—with the broadest range of industry and functional experience—to excel every treatment.

We come to better answers in teams than as individuals. So we do not compete against each other. Instead, we share a structured problem-solving approach, where all opinions and options are considered, researched, and analyzed carefully before recommendations are made.

We give each other tireless support. We are fiercely dedicated to developing and coaching one another and our patients. Ours is a group of physicians whom want the freedom to do what they think is appropriate.

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We deliver the best possible holistic provider for you, to serve you and your family with compassion, dignity and respect as we work toward restoring health, increasing performance, or as we guide and support you through the most difficult time of your life.

Our mission is to build a foundation of support for you comprised of your family, your providers, and our staff members. We will all work together to maintain your quality of life, every single day. It is our goal to keep you empowered in every way possible through our concierge services available at your home, office, hotel, set or most any location throughout the Greater Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County.






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