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“Visiting patients where they live is not only good medicine and good marketing. It’s also good for the soul.”

– James M. Giovino, MD

Did you know that Acupuncturists are Primary Care Physicians in California? Insurance Companies give Physicians special codes to designate place of service for treatment provided and billing for Home Care Evaluation and Travel Time for house call and medical concierge. Imagine that Insurance is like a coupon or rebate that helps you pay for house calls by a Primary Care Physician.

The Future History of Home Care and Physician – House Calls in the United States (Copyright 2001 by The Gerontological Society of America) states:

House Call Interview“Yes, this is what physicians are about. Physicians take care of patients.” However, more recently, when physicians tell colleagues that they make house calls, they may be looked upon as Luddites. More surprising is the reaction from patients in need of a house call when told they can be seen in their home: “I didn’t know anyone did that anymore.”
It is fascinating how quickly this transition occurred. A
mere 50 years ago, house calls accounted for 40% of all
physician-patient encounters. By 1980, house calls accounted for only 0.6% of such encounters.


gentle home careAlthough physicians romanticize the house call, it has been nurses, therapists, and home health aides who have been doing the work of home care. At national meetings of home care professionals, audiences have been reported to break into uproarious laughter at the mention of physician involvement in home care, and the available data suggest that their sense of humor is well placed. Physicians, by and large, have stopped making house calls.

In an analysis of Medicare claims data in 1997, Meyer (30) estimated that approximately 727,000 physician house calls were made to Medicare beneficiaries nationwide in 1993. This corresponded to less than 1% of Medicare beneficiaries receiving a house call.

I think that it is sad that the modern day model of medicine is not patient driven care; it’s insurance driven. Insurance companies make it hard on physicians to get paid and many physicians are forced into a “cash only” practice because of all the hassle and work it takes to get paid, underpaid, or not pay at all.

The Medicare Travel Allowance for 2009 travel codes allow for payment either on a per mileage basis or on a flat rate per trip basis. Payment of the travel allowance is made only if a specimen collection fee is also payable. Medicare allows contractor discretion to choose either a mileage basis or a flat rate, and how to set each type of allowance.

medi-cal logoIn California, Medi-Cal will pay $50.40 per hour of travel. Federally, Medi-care policy states that Contractors shall have the option of establishing a higher per mile rate in excess of the minimum $1.00 per mile or a flat flat-rate basis travel allowance of $10 per trip, if local conditions warrant it [like maybe Los Angeles Traffic, some of the worst in the nation]. (

At Los Angeles Mobile Acupuncture we value our time as much as we value yours. It takes time and energy to get to your location and setup. We focus our attention and intention on you and your evaluation and care the whole time.

For only $60 more than an office visit, House Calls for Acupuncture Los Angeles Home-care can be yours. We battle LA traffic and scour for parking, for you; 15-30 minutes of travel for medical concierge and $30 for each additional 15 minutes. For your convenience, We can always schedule a closer physician or a better time for traffic if you live outside our coverage surrounding the Greater Los Angeles or in a congested area.

For more information check out or call (866)6298089 or 310-997-2643 to schedule an appointment for a physician that comes to your house just like they used to. Acupuncture Los Angeles or Chiropractic Pasadena based medical concierge services for the home, office, hotel, set, arena, or location in the Greater Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley,  and surrounding areas. We look forward to serving your needs.

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