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Acupuncture is proven to be both safe and effective in treating many ailments. Did you know that you can support acupuncture as an “essential health benefit”, as a profession, and help us continue to evolve our scope of practice to better take care of the health and well-being of you, your family, friends, and our whole California community?

 CSOMA Mission Statement

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The California State Oriental Medical Association is a professional organization of licensed acupuncturists and supporters of Oriental medicine dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the art, science, and practice of Oriental medicine in a caring and ethical manner, thereby enhancing the health and well-being of the general public. [2012 Legislative Summary]

The California Journal of Oriental Medicine

the California Journal of Oriental Medicine (CJOM)

For the better part of two decades, the California State Oriental Medical Association has published the California Journal of Oriental Medicine (CJOM), a semiannual peer-reviewed publication containing articles that emphasize research, clinical therapies, and historical perspectives in Oriental medicine. Subscribe <Here>

CSOMA Principles of Professional Ethics

ethicsAs a practitioner of Oriental medicine and a member of the California State Oriental Medical Association (“CSOMA”), I pledge to:

  1. Always act in a manner that best serves the interest of my patient.
  2. Provide competent health care with integrity, compassion, and respect for human dignity.
  3. Continue to advance my clinical knowledge to maintain high professional standards.
  4. Safeguard my patients’ rights to privacy by protecting information of a confidential nature, in accordance with the laws and regulations governing health care providers in the State of California.
  5. Deal honestly with patients and colleagues, and to expose those licensed acupuncturists who jeopardize a patient’s safety or who engage in deception or fraud.
  6. Perform only those services necessary to return patients to a maximum state of good health, and to bill patients or third-party payers only for services actually performed.
  7. Utilize only those techniques in which I am trained and competent and are within the scope of practice of licensed acupuncturists in the State of California. I will not misrepresent my credentials, training, experience, ability or promise of results.
  8. Be nondiscriminatory in hiring, employee relations, patient selection, or provision of services due to a person’s age, race, color, gender, ethnic origin, or religion.
  9. Support the right of my patients to choose therapeutic modalities and to refer them to other health care specialists when appropriate. …

Frequently Asked Questions – Patient Information

Associate Membership

  • Educational Institution membership is available to any institution engaged in medical education.
  • Merchant membership is available to any firm or corporation engaged in selling products or services to members of CSOMA.
  • Medical/Healthcare Associate membership is available to any licensed health care provider who is not currently licensed to practice acupuncture by the California Acupuncture Board.
  • Out-of-State membership is available to any practitioner who is licensed to practice acupuncture who practices and resides outside of California.
  • Public membership is available to any employee of a firm, corporation, or institution that qualifies for Educational Institution or Merchant membership.
  • Retired membership is available to practitioners who no longer earn income as a practitioner of any activity for which a license to practice acupuncture is required.

Application Form

“It is important to support the things that support us. If acupuncture has helped you or someone you know, please show your support and help our profession to continue the growth and integration with the standard medical practice and complementary/integrative care.”

Associate Membership ApplicationOrganization * Individual * Retired   Professional Membership Application – Student Membership Application

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