Mr. Alma Myers, LAc

  • Speciality: Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Experience: 2009
  • Autoimmune Disorders100%
    Pain and Orthopedics100%
    Psycho-Emotional Issues100%
    Sports Medicine100%
  • Contact:

Making life easier for you and your loved ones to get quality care, you are in good hands with Mr. Alma Myers. Have you ever been too sick or injured to get out of bed? Do you have difficulty with or dislike of sitting in traffic? If you are ready for quality 1 on 1 time with a compassionate physician. That’s why he founded Los Angeles Mobile Acupuncture, to help you.

Alma specializes in combining acupuncture and TuiNa massage to treat all of your Orthopedic problems (pain, movement, trauma, disease), Sports Medicine concerns (prevention, recovery, increased performance), Autoimmune disorders (genetic, acquired), and Psycho-Emotional issues (anger, depression, sadness, grief, shame, PTSD).

His approach to health and wellness is holistic (mind, body and spirit); to treat one you treat them all. Alma brings his caring demeanor to you, his friendly advice, and skillful sense of touch adding to the perfection of each treatment. With touch sensitivity, Alma locates your tight muscles and alleviates the problems with the skill of a true artist. He addresses your concerns with focus and empathy.


When Alma isn’t ensuring you get the best care, promoting, or educating others, he enjoys music, art, hiking, meditation, cooking, writing, and good beer.

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