Eric Carlisle

  • Speciality: Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Experience: 2008
  • Auto-Immune100%
    Digestive Disorders100%

Eric Carlisle’s passion in life is helping you and your family thrive through better living, holistic acupuncture and Chinese medicine, for over a decade. Currently delivering his services to you, in Orange County.

Eric specializes in Pediatric disorders (digestion, skin, autoimmune, behavioral issues), Womens Health issues (gynecological, fertility, hormonal), Autoimmune disorders (genetic, acquired), and Pain (joint, muscle, injury, trauma, emotional)

Eric and his wife opened The Giving Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center, providing affordable holistic care in a compassionate community and private setting that helps bring people together while improving your quality of life. (The Giving Chi is in-network with many insurances and offers a sliding scale for those that need an office visit or can’t afford home care services)

His approach to health and wellness is one of balance, teaching his patients how to maintain a clear and healthy approach in all aspects of their lives.


When not in the office or out delivering care, he enjoys building lasting bonds with his family (laughing and playing with his kids, teaching them Jujitsu, hiking with his wife) and furthering his medical knowledge so that he may always improve and deliver you the best care possible.

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