Guillermina Galvan

  • Speciality: Herbalist
  • Experience: 2010
  • Fertility100%
    Spiritual Healing100%
    Palliative Care100%
  • Contact:

Guillermina Galvan comes from a small fishing town in Baja California-Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico. Guillermina is an acupuncturist, energy healer, psychic, herbalist, chemist, writer, artist, minister and instructor of meditation, Sundo and Tai Chi. Her gifts include but are not limited to: clairvoyance, clairaudient, empath, medium and she is a skilled dream analyst. She was born with these gifts, coming from a strong lineage of clairvoyants, healers, mediums and dream interpreters. Trained by Taoist Masters, Shamans, Psychics and Medicine Elders. She holds a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Doctor of Divinity.

Guillermina was the first to bring Sundo to Mexico in 2013 with the support of her Sundo Master Hyunmoon Kim. She is under the apprenticeship of her spiritual Master Dr. Bong Dal Kim, founder of Emperors College. She worked under Dr. Xiu Ling Ma in Los Angeles, Ca 2007-2010 focused on herbs, woman’s health and fertility. Guillermina has also trained with the Medicine Women of Central America with focus on Angelic connections. She has her private practice Alivia Todo in Ensenada, B.C. in which she has helped heal/treat via acupuncture, energy healing, meditation and herbal treatments: tumors, paralysis, fertility, libido deficiency, woman’s health and nerve/brain functions. She has owned and operated Alivia Todo from 2007-2015 where she treats both people and pets. One of her focuses is also helping patients and their families during end-of-life times bringing them peace and healing. Guillermina is able to perform energy healings/blessings both in person and at great distances throughout the world. Guillermina holds healing meditation retreats throughout the world.

Guillermina was the first acupuncturist in Baja California to be on TV, she was featured on daily show Mucho Gusto, TVes in 2011-2012 regularly performing acupuncture. She also was live on air performing numerous healings and teaching: Qi Gong, Sundo, Tai Chi, meditation, Eastern nutrition, Feng Shui & dream interpretation. In 2011 she co-authored her first nutrition book The Way of Nature, Breath & Food. In 2013 she came out with her first meditation video. In 2015 she has published her first meditation book Suddhatman I: Eastern Philosophy for Beginners Meditation, Chanting & Fasting.

Guillermina has been performing healing meditations for her clients and patients for over 20 years. She has fasted for periods up to 45 days, with that in mind she refrains from processed foods, refined sugar and moments of utter boredom. As a morning ritual she does Yoga, Tai Chi, Sundo, chanting and meditation. Guillermina currently lives between California and Mexico, nothing brings her greater joy than: dancing with her Mom, getting watching-machined surfing, reading a great supernatural book and snuggling with her two amazing dogs.

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