Dr. Neil Maki, LAc

  • Speciality: Sports Medicine Acupuncturist
  • Experience: 2011
  • Acupuncture25%
    Movement Analysis25%
    Corrective Exercises25%

Are you athletic? Play on a team or competitively? Dr. Neil Maki is the Acupuncturist for you. Your evaluations will incorporate muscle testing with a keen understanding of anatomy as well as how to move the body to optimize movement. Orthopedic evaluations and bodywork can often get you feeling better before ever getting acupuncture.

Improve your run times. Learn the optimal way to exercise to avoid injury to yourself. You could swing harder, throw faster, or just be at the top of your game. Stop thinking about losing game time due to injury. Dr. prevention of and recovery from injuries.

You could really benefit from the knowledge that Neil holds. He has a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology (MSc), completed an additional 4 year Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MTOM) and completed another 2 years for his Doctorates of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM).

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