Robert Peterson, LAc

  • Speciality: Licensed Acupucturist
  • Experience: 2011
  • Orthopedics100%
    Womens Health100%

If you are a Long Beach resident or guest, Robert Peterson is the Acupuncturist for you. His skills and experiences will help you on your path to health and wellness.

Robert specializes in treat all of your Orthopedic problems (pain, movement, trauma, disease), Womens Health concerns (gynecological, pms,  hormonal, fertility), Autoimmune disorders (genetic, acquired), and Pain issues (muscle, joint, trauma, emotional).

His approach to health and wellness is caring and compassionate with a great focus on improving your quality of life.


When Robert isn’t helping patients at his office or delivering care for Los Angeles Mobile Acupuncture, he enjoys spending time with his wife.

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