Acupuncture Concierge

Delivered to your home, office, hotel, set, or most any location, acupuncture concierge services help you feel great and get more done. Acupuncture Concierge is safe and effective for many ailments. Research shows that there are many beneficial effects that can help to improve your overall quality of life. Not only that, its convenient too. No traffic, parking or travel worries. We got you covered.

The acupuncture part of your treatment can be as short as fifteen minutes or as long as an hour or more. Typically, the acupuncture part of your treatment is about 27 minutes each set of needles. It could be accompanied by bodywork, massage, reflexology, cupping or any other modality deemed appropriate to your care.

Acupuncture may require more than 1 treatment. The top benefits usually last 72 hours. A treatment plan will be given that will involve care appropriate to your situation. Acupuncture is usually combined with other modalities of Oriental Medicine to make your treatment the best possible care, every time.

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