herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine Consultation

When you want something natural and time tested to improve your health and lifestyle, we offer you a drug-free herbal medicine consultation to maximize your health and wellness. Made from all natural and of the highest quality parts of animals, plants and and minerals, Chinese Herbal Medicine is FDA approved supplements that are safe and effective when prescribed by a Licensed Acupuncturist.

Your time-tested Classic Formulas come in a variety of formats for ease of use: tablets, capsules, powders,  tinctures, creams or plasters may be available. We use only the finest and quality tested herbs for your care. We offer the best on the market to you!

Custom made for you formulas come to you in raw herbs (need to cook), capsules, or powder (drank as a tea).

Each formula is made custom for you and your current wellness with only the highest standard of  herbs tested for potency and toxins; conveniently shipped directly to you. FDA approved supplements.

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